Dona Deôla Group was established many years ago. Its history started in 1949 when Dona Deolinda, a Portuguese immigrant, opened Padaria do Lar in the Pompéia district (city of São Paulo). For many years, the quality and special taste of its delicious recipes conquered the people in the neighborhood and turned the bakery into a quality benchmark in the region. Dona Deolinda then decides to open another business and sells Padaria do Lar.

The return to its origins occurred in 1996, when Dona Deolinda`s grandchildren successfully honored their grandmother by opening the first Dona Deôla Bakery, in the district of Pompéia - in the same corner where Padaria do Lar was located.

By combining the concepts of bakery and cafeteria/snack bar and with the legacy of will power and creativity, the new Dona Deôla Bakery gained strength in the region, which naturally led to expanding the chain of bakeries. The search for innovation, valuation of services provided and overcoming obstacles were translated into the transformation of the "neighborhood bakery" concept, being considered throughout the years as a benchmark in the baking and confectionery industry in Brazil. Today, the Deôla Group relies on six different concepts to assist our customers with affection and care, understanding the expectations of a broader and more diversified market, always using first-class ingredients.

Dona Deôla Group currently consists of 6 bakeries, 7 spaces, one Deôla Convenience Store and the Deôla Buffet, supported by a centralized office of Human Resources, Procurement, Communication and Marketing Departments, in addition to an Executive Committee consisting of 4 partners. Regarding food safety, Dona Deôla Group has its own team of food engineers and nutritionists, trained to assure total quality of its products, strictly following hygiene and food-safety requirements enforced in the country.

  • To meet market needs and with a view to finding new business fronts, the Deôla Buffet was created in 2001. It offers a complete and magnificent structure for your event, regardless of the number of participants and type of meeting. The menus and services are adjusted to your needs by competent and highly-trained Chefs, pastry experts, maîtres, waiters, producers and managers.

  • The possibility of eating snacks at areas with a large flow of people is one of the main benefits of Deôla Café. Convenience and quality enhance the flavor of salty snacks, sandwiches, pastries, coffee, cappuccinos and juices.

  • To expand the range of services and to respond to the request of our partners, we created Deôla Convenience Store that provides a greater variety of specific products to please consumers: magazines, perfumery, sweets, and books are part of the list of products we offer, always intending to facilitate our customers` life.

  • A concept created to assist those who visit CasaCor, Latin America`s greatest architecture and decoration event. The purpose of Deôla Deli is to create a gourmet space with differentiated products, services, assistance and decoration. The menu is especially developed by celebrated Chefs to please the taste of such a demanding audience.

  • We allocate Dona Deôla mini-stores in third-party internal spaces, such as hospitals and shopping malls, adjusting it to the space provided. The standard, quality and excellence of our bakeries also accompany the products and services offered by us. The taste continues to be especial in terms of salty snacks, sandwiches, lunch buffet sold "by kilo", fast foods, juices, drinks, sweets and cakes.

  • A complete chain of bakeries with a cozy ambience. We offer a large variety of breads, sweets, cakes, salty snacks and sandwiches with unbeatable taste, in addition to a number of services that meet your needs and please your taste, such a buffet sold "by kilo", night buffet of soups, pizzas, orders for parties and much more.